Automatic Workflow

Here we describe how you can automatize the workflow described in Manual Workflow page.

The provided description makes use of the following Github repository:

which contains all necessary files and Github configuration to automatically convert and validate your Excel vocabularies.

Once familiar with the process, simply fork the above repository and update it per your project needs.

Structuring Gihtub repository

Here we shortly describe the structure of excel2rdf-template repository which can be used for:

  • Maintaining (and version controlling)
  • Converting and
  • Validating your Excel controlled vocabularies

The structure is as follows:

├── .github
│   └── workflows
│       └── excel2rdf.yml
├── logs
│   ├── conversion.log
│   └── validation.log
├── vocabulary.ttl
└── vocabulary.xlsx

The most important files of this repository are:

  • vocabulary.xlsx, the Excel template for building a controlled vocabulary that will serve as input for xls2rdf tool
  • vocabulary.ttl, the resulting file generated when running xls2rdf on vocabulary.xlsx
  • conversion.log, the file that stores logs of xls2rdf tool
  • validation.log, the file that stores logs produced when running qSKOS on vocabulary.ttl to validate the converted vocabulary
  • excel2rdf.yml, the Github action configuration file that automatizes the workflow described in Manual Workflow page.

Setting up Github actions

Following the above structure, we set up the Github action via excel2rdf.yml, which is placed in .github/workflows/ folder (it must be there for Github to automatically picks it up and execute it).

The content of excel2rdf.yml file looks like this

name: excel2rdf

    branches: [ main ]
    branches: [ main ]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - uses: actions/checkout@v2

      - name: prepare # pulls repository and dowloads xls2rdf and qSKOS
        run: |
          git config github-actions
          git config
          git pull
          curl -L -o qSKOS.jar
          curl -L -o xls2rdf.jar

      - name: build # converts vocabulary.xlsx to vocabulary.ttl
        run: |
          java -jar xls2rdf.jar convert -i ./vocabulary.xlsx -o ./vocabulary.ttl -l en
          mv xls2rdf.log ./logs/conversion.log

      - name: validate # validates vocabulary.ttl against set of qSKOS tests
        run: |
          java -jar qSKOS.jar analyze -dc mil,bl ./vocabulary.ttl -o ./logs/validation.log

      - name: deploy # commits changes to the repository
        run: |
          rm qSKOS.jar
          rm xls2rdf.jar
          git add .
          git diff-index --quiet HEAD || git commit -m "generated new .ttl from .xlsx file"
          git push

The file excel2rdf.yml describes a single job named convert-validate-deploy-vocabulary consisting of the following steps:

  • prepare: which configures git on docker ubuntu-latest running on a virtual machine and downloads xls2rdf and qSKOS applications from their associated Github repositories

  • build: executes xls2rdf considering vocabulary.xlsx as its input, while producing vocabulary.ttl as its output, and moves and renames the log produced in this step to the folder ./logs/

  • validate: runs qSKOS on the produced vocabulary.ttl and stores the resulting log to the folder ./logs/

  • deploy: removes qSKOS and xls2rdf from the cloned repository, adds and commits changes of the cloned repository, pushes the commits to Github