An example of a GitHub repository where this is in use is the ZonMW Project Admin repo, which manages an administrative vocabulary used in a GO FAIR COVID Training workshop. You can also visit the BioPortal-registered SKOS ontology that is sourced from the above repository. The template for this service can be forked from the Excel2RDF template repo.

We provide several examples for creating templates in our Manual Workflow: Choosing Your Template section.

John has tested Examples 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 from SKOS Play Convert successfully by submitting their SKOS .ttl outputs to BioPortal as SKOS ontologies. All presented the expected displays in the BioPortal class tree.

If you want to see an example and explanation of SKOS ontology contents that follow the BioPortal SKOS Support guidelines, just visit that link and scroll to the last section. Note that BioPortal does not say that is the only or best way to format your SKOS, but it is a necessary way to have the contents display effectively in BioPortal. And of course, we are very happy that the SKOS Play site thinks those are good guidelines.